Fotis' Photos


Observations, musings, travels, and a whole lot of photos

Preliminary Thoughts

If we’ve spoken in the past year, it’s entirely likely that you’ve seen me jump around, excited about this “Fotis’ Photos” project I’ve been meaning to start. What I realised recently is that no matter what happens, there is no “good” - let alone “perfect” - time for this, so I might as well start and see where it goes.

What to expect

“Observations, musings, travels, and a whole lot of photos” covers most of my days pretty accurately, and I expect this blog project will follow the same style. Part of this will be a travel blog (with nice pictures, hopefully), and another part (not entirely unrelated) will be a more creative exposition of my projects. When I have the urge to (over-) analyse, or explore something more artistic, this will be my corner to do so.

Getting Started

To boot, you can find a travel-esque album, “Bits of Berlin” under the “Collections” tab, as well as the accompanying log (in this case a blog entry) in the post above this one. There are some (overdue) posts and collections to follow!

A lonely boat in the sea
The view from my window as I was writing this. Hello, world!