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Bits of Berlin

In June 2015, I got to spend a weekend in Berlin. While my time there was mostly bound to volunteering work with EYP (the European Youth Parliament), I still had some time left to wander around and find cool little spots to share. Let’s have a quick tour!

Berlin from a distance
Setting the scene.

You can find the full Berlin gallery here


If you look in the distance in the image above, you will see the Fernsehturm, the TV / Radio tower. One of Berlin’s famous landmarks and one of the tallest such structures in Europe, it is visible from many spots around the city.

The Fernsehturn during a foggy night.
Fernsehturn from the rail station.
Fernsehturm from a park.
The Fernsehturm from different points in the city.


Potsdamerplatz is one of Berlin’s central squares, populated with taller buildings and the massive Sony Center which, among others, houses a large cinema. The square definitely has a modern vibe to it, and the clear sky was a good addition to this.

Potsdamerplatz in the morning.
Reflections of the Brandenburger Tor on train window.
Train windows make for pretty images.

The Berlin Wall

Walking around central Berlin, you will undboubtedly run into parts of the Berlin Wall. I took the following photo on an impulse, surprised how, 25 years later, people would be casually biking along this symbol of division. Perhaps thoughts of optimism - that even horrible things get better in time - or that there’s still more walls to tear down. In any case, if you ever find yourself there, don’t rush; take your time and let your mind wander.

Two people cycling by the Berlin Wall.
Under a clear blue sky.


On a lighter note, I am a big fan of transport in Berlin. Changing between the U-Bahn and the S-Bahn was a common theme during our weekend, and the circular line seemed surprisingly nice. I don’t have an urban planning and transport blog though (yet), so I’ll just leave you with pictures!

A metro platform in Moritzplatz
Another metro platform
A person exiting a yellow metro car.
People sitting in front of a departing overground train.
Different combinations of the metro and overground rail.

(Streeet) Art

Cafe cinema, and the surrounding narrow streets (whose name eludes me) had some of the nicest street art I’ve come across, and the crowd was very pleasant to hang out with. There’s a bunch of photos that could fit into a further street art album, so I’ll stick to these for now.

A wall with with love, love, written all over it, and a plethora of colours.
A mural of a bird and foxes, behind a cuckoo clock with Cafe Cinema written on it.
People sitting on green tables in the Cafe Cinema courtyard.
I'm a big fan of this place.

Party Time

A disco ball reflecting white light in a foggy club
Working as intended.

Calm at 3AM

A two hour walk through an empty, sleepy Berlin was quite the way to wrap up this trip. Where busy streets are full of cars and people exist during the day, a sweet silence holds over them during the night. As a bonus, this gave us an exclusive view of the Brandenburger Tor and the calm waters of the small rivers.

The Branderburger Tor in the middle of the night, empty and lit up.
A calm river in the early morning hours.
Good night, Berlin.