Fotis Papadogeorgopoulos

Myself sitting on a chair or stool, looking at the camera. There is a soft smile on my face. The room is filled with a red-orange light, and a brighter line of light crosses my face. I am lifting my hand to shield my left eye from the light.

I am a photographer exploring themes of loneliness, belonging and quiet everyday moments. I reside in Helsinki, Finland, which has been my home for the past 7 years. My pronouns are they/he. If in doubt, just ask :)

This site is my personal sketchbook, and not a complete portfolio. In my day job, I am an accessibility specialist and software developer. I try to blend these skills with photography, and explore ways to describe and communicate emotion with images and words.


I work primarily with film and analogue or hybrid analogue processes. I believe that film, with all its imperfections and materiality, complements the themes of my work.

I develop black and white negatives myself and make silver halide prints of them in the darkroom. I am a member of the Finnish Darkroom Association.

On the digital side, I regularly print with pigment inks on archival paper. I scan all my negatives at home. In early 2024 I am opening a small lab, operating out of my home in Helsinki, to teach people about these hybrid analogue processes, and offer them a more affordable way to experiment.

I cannot tell you that I do everything perfectly, but I put great love and attention in my work.



In Progress

  • Hometown Squares (Šilutė, Lithuania). What shall we use, to fill the empty spaces, where we used to walk? Exploring the ways in which we describe images, and writing text alternatives that evoke emotion. Looking to create a zine from this.
  • Town by the Sea. Quiet moments around Porto Rafti, Greece. Exhibition as a series of Fibre-based Silver Halide Prints.