1. Town by the sea

    Quiet moments in a dear town by the sea.

  2. Faced Exhibition

    Two photos of my mother, presented at the Faced exhibition at Auri Coffee, Helsinki.

  3. Hometown Squares

    What shall we use to fill the empty spaces, where we used to walk?

  4. Calm squares

    Calm moments in square format.

  5. A roll of FP4+

    Adventures in shooting and developing black and white film (Ilford FP4+)

  6. Icy shortcuts

    When the sea freezes over, you get new routes through the city.

  7. The colour of the sky

    What colour is it anyway?

  8. Thoughts from 2020

    Snapshots from Greece. Sun, lockdown, cinder, saplings, change.

  9. A slice of light

    Race the sun

  10. In Superposition

    A known, unknown and known

  11. Image Text Descriptions for Photography

    A collection of resources and own words on image text descriptions.

  12. The moody part of the year

    Rain, early evenings and later mornings.

  13. August's edge

    August, a month of reunions and farewells.

  14. I have seen the stars

    Dots of light spread on a dark canvas.

  15. Reboot

    Restarting this blog

  16. Memory Full

    Memory Full

  17. Under a full moon

    Reflections, a moon and the sea

  18. In Athens

    Coming back to Athens, processing my phone photos and re-discovering parts that I had either overlooked or forgotten.

  19. Bits of Berlin

    Back when I was in Berlin in 2015

  20. Beginnings

    Observations, musings, travels, and a whole lot of photos.